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Greetings, Acolytes!

I wanted to say a huge thanks to my regular readers--I'm awed and humbled by how many fans I've already gotten for this weird-ass comic, and you guys have inspired me to keep going even as I struggled through some rough patches this last year.

Just wanted to let you know the plan. My original intent with Starforce Pentacle was to update it in five-page installments every month, all at once. After I settled into Comicfury, I decided a more standard one-page-at-a-time update schedule would possibly garner me more readers? But I've now decided to throw caution to the winds and just revert to my original idea.

Thus: Starforce will be uploading five-page installments the first week of every month from now on. I *might* spread them out over a week; I haven't decided yet.

In addition, I'm thinking of launching a new comic that will keep up the regular updates; it'll be less artistically ambitious and probably more humourous (again, still deciding!)

If you want more comics by me in the meantime check out, where I've got links to a bunch of stuff available on Comixology and elsewhere.

Thanks guys! The Great Work of transforming the world through magical comics continues, and I'll see you in October!


by PhantasmicTales

Well, here we are, with a "proper" website for Starforce Pentacle that lets you archive strips and read through them in a coherent fashion. And it only took me a month!

This still isn't ideal. My preferred format for the strip is five-page chapters and my original goal was to upload all five pages at once, every month. While I'm sort of coming around to the idea of doing single-page updates I'd really prefer to at least have the archives arranged in such a way that you can read each 5-page chapter all at once on a single page, and ComicFury doesn't seem to allow that. So the hunt continues as we desperately roam the stars (of the internet) searching for a new home.

Tumblr's comic theme actually seems nearly ideal but a) archived strips are listed on a page in reverse order, which is D*U*M*B, and b) if you do a multi-page update--which would be otherwise ideal--tumblr shrinks down the image so you have to click on each individual page to blow it up, which is pointless extra clickery. I might just bite the bullet and do it anyway, but it would be great if I could circumvent that.

If anyone knows how to get around that, or another comics hosting site that would let me meet the criteria listed above, PLEASE let me know, I'd really appreciate it.

by PhantasmicTales